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Stakeknife – A Search for Truth




This is a lengthy compilation of many sections, the first part of which I introduce through the medium of the following two letters to Mr. Justice Peter Smithwick, Chairman of the Smithwick Tribunal.


Originals of this material are hard copies. Because of technical limitations, some hard copy material will be omitted from this computer mounted presentation.


However, the essence of what needs to be said will be, and the source of quoted material indicated, much of which is available online.


The purpose of transferring from hard copy to computer format is to make the detail available to a larger audience through the more cost effective issue of CD’s.


[And better still, as I would find out, by placing the presentation online and issuing a web address. Innocent I was then, little changed I am now!]


Irish security agencies in their own right and on behalf of fraternal interests will not be happy with this propagation. Difficulties have been encountered, in particular through – but not confined to – state agency intrusion into my non-Internet connected computer. Given time and technical help from a third party it is hoped these impediments will be overcome.


[With the benefit of years of hindsight, I now accept that statement was too sanguine by far.]


Because a lot of the documents to follow are independent entities, in some instances there will be a repeat use of research material.


The shaping of this compilation will be worked out on the hoof. Please be tolerant of any deficiencies that may result.


I am an old man in need your patience – and help, if you will give it.


You will find within the assembled content many examples of the modus operandi of intelligence agencies.


Specifically, these concern ways to abuse, control, disinform, cover-up – lie. All done at a remove and through the medium of manipulation. It was the use of such formulas, among other considerations, that alerted me to “Steak Knife” (as he was originally known) being a bogus creation. 


A slogan of mine goes: “’Whistleblowers’ – the greatest intelligence trick unknown.” My hope is that you will come to see the truth in this claim. You will also find from a reading of the compilation that a common feature of the set-up, or bogus, whistleblower is the speed of their adoption by the legal profession, “rights” groups, politicians and the media.


Real state sensitive secrets find no takers. Indeed, many of the same people who overtly adopt and promote the bogus whistleblower will be in the frontline to covertly sink the real. If you know them in the former, you are unlikely to know them in the latter. It is for the reasons cited in the preceding two paragraphs you do not know.


Please stay the course in reading this work. It will lead you to unequivocal proof of the lie of “agent Stakeknife”.   


Thank you.





Mr. Justice Peter Smithwick – Letters: 04.08.10 and 05.08.10



Seán Kelly.

474 Galtymore Road,


Dublin 12.

Wednesday 04.08.10


Mr. Justice Peter Smithwick


(Dear Sir)


Following from the unexpected but appreciated courtesy of meeting you this morning at which I promised to forward a submission to your tribunal.


As said, there is no wish on my part to become a witness to the tribunal, merely to provide research based information which I believe will be of benefit to understanding a proposed tribunal witness, namely Martin Ingram.


The undated covering letter shown to you this morning, is now dated and attached to an assembly of documents which I propose to hand deliver to your office tomorrow – Thursday 5 August 2010.


In our short exchange, you correctly had a curiosity as to the reasons for my interest. I gave limited background detail.


From a reading of the enclosed CD’s, three copies of the same item, you will learn where I am coming from and how long I have been on the road.


The discs were burned on my non Internet computer and can be used with confidence. They are extensively researched and lengthy.


Perhaps you will kindly acknowledge my communication.



(Yours sincerely)



Mr. Justice Peter Smithwick.


Smithwick Tribunal,

Block C.

9-13 Blackhall Place,

Dublin 7.




Seán Kelly.

474 Galtymore Road,


Dublin 12,

Thursday 05.08.10


Mr. Justice Peter Smithwick


(Dear Sir)


The enclosed Items are forwarded to you in the belief that they may add to your understanding in respect of an intended witness to the Smithwick Tribunal, former Force Research Unit (FRU) agent handler Martin Ingram. You are aware that the Ingram name is a pseudonym, that  the FRU was a unit of British military intelligence based in Northern Ireland and that Mr. Ingram was one of its senior non commissioned officers’.




*) “Mrs. Nuala O’Loan – 1”. Ten pages of correspondence to Mrs. Nuala O’Loan, Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland. Relevance Martin Ingram.


*) “Mrs. Nuala O’Loan – 2”. Eleven pages of correspondence to Mrs. Nuala O’Loan, Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland. Relevance Martin Ingram.


*) “Lord Saville of Newdigate – 3”. Six pages of correspondence to Lord Saville. Relevance Martin Ingram, a Bloody Sunday Inquiry witness.


*) Corroborating documents referred to in Mrs. O’Loan – 2 and Lord Saville – 3 compilations [same items] are also enclosed. They comprise 19 pages.


In all instances of the above, heading pages have not been counted.


Document Mrs. Nuala O’Loan – 1 was not forwarded to Lord Saville. Also, my submission to the Bloody Sunday Inquiry took place years after the taking of witness statements and the giving of evidence, as a reading will indicate.


Document Mrs. Nuala O’Loan – 1 is being forwarded to the Smithwick Tribunal. Pages 2 to 5 refer to Freddie Scappaticci and the Stakeknife allegations, which through Martin Ingram is relevant to your Tribunal. Because some references are not contained in the above corroborating documents, I enclose further pertinent newspaper reports.


These are forwarded under the heading: “Mr. Justice Peter Smithwick – 4”. A leader page will summarise content in each of the four newspaper extracts.


[Note: The “Mr. Justice Peter Smithwick – 4” referred to immediately above, the last item in this section, is introduced only at this point. While it has no independent covering letter, it does, as said, have a leader page summarising a breakdown of its inclusions.]


By submitting this material before the proposed attendance of Mr. Ingram as a witness, the tribunal may be better positioned to evaluate the person and assess his claims.


You may be aware that Martin Ingram was put offside in the Republic of Ireland to enable him to co-write with Greg Harkin the book Stakeknife – Britain’s Secret Agents in Ireland, O’Brien Press (2004).


A comparison with the many published and airwaves spoken claims of Mr. Ingram from 1999 to 2004 (and beyond) and the Stakeknife book is surely worthy of investigation.


While in the Republic of Ireland, the enterprising Mr. Ingram was hardly twiddling his thumbs while awaiting returns from the Stakeknife book. Was “businessman” Ingram commercially active in another respect?


Sir, your tribunal might find it profitable to ask the appropriate national intelligence (Special Branch) agency the nature of Mr. Ingram’s means of earning a crust while enjoying the undoubted oversight of that agency in our jurisdiction.


Knowing his business dealings might help paint an interesting portrait of the man.


Inside 48 hours of my making this submission to your good self, I wager that Special Branch will be cognizant of it in general if not specific terms, understanding they will impart to their fraternal counterparts. That is a secret state example of due process.


One of the challenges to be overcome in unlocking the truth of events tasked to the Tribunal?


National intelligence agencies are inordinately protective of what they consider to be their interests, that is why they insert the likes of “Martin Ingram” into the system – to cloud and misdirect.


These agencies consider that your business, my business, and anybody else’s business is their business if it trespasses into their area of influence, concerns their personnel or agents acting in their interest.


Their fealty is not to the people of Ireland, but to a hierarchical fraternity and a modus operandi that brooks no challenge. I have more than a quarter of a century of learning their tradecraft by being on the wrong side of them.


They have no morality. They consider themselves, with some justification, to be above the law in the exercise of their functions.


It would be an act of great justice, a come uppance, to have a Murphy done on them.


Re the personalized comment in type and hand in coming pages. These are largely logs for my own benefit and form part of an interim and ongoing assessment in analysis and sometimes humour.


If the analysis is for sharing, the humour is my own.


Happy reading.



(Yours sincerely)




Mr. Justice Peter Smithwick.


Smithwick Tribunal,

Block C,

9-13 Blackhall Place,

Dublin 7.



Reply from His Honour Judge Peter Smithwick



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