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Mrs. Nuala O’Loan – 1


Seán Kelly.

474 Galtymore Road,


Dublin 12.

Monday 13.08.07


Your Ref. NOL/RC/SK170707


(Dear Mrs. O’Loan)


Enclosed a courtesy copy of letter dated Monday 30.07.07 to Brian Lenihan TD, Minister for Justice, less accompanying CD and A4 compilation – already in your possession.


As no acknowledgement or return has been received from the Department of Justice up to today’s date, attached instead is a copy Certificate of (registered) Posting to confirm dispatch.


As per my previous to you (ref. NOL/RC/SK170707), two copies enclosed.


While thanking you for past consideration, if I may be allowed, every good wish for the future.


You will be missed.



(Yours sincerely)



Mrs. Nuala O’Loan.

Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland,

New Cathedral Buildings,

St. Anne’s Square,

11 Church Street,

Belfast BT1 1PG.




Seán Kelly.

474 Galtymore Road,


Dublin 12,

Monday 30.07.07

(mirrored at)


(Dear Mr. Lenihan)



Please find enclosed a copy of a five page letter dated Wednesday 11 July 2007 to Mrs. Nuala O’Loan, Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland, with enclosures as forwarded with original, namely an A4 presentation of web site one above and a compact disc of web site two above.


[Original web sites discontinued and replaced by above.]


The copy letter to Mrs. O’Loan has been slightly altered by simplification of language to improve clarity. The content remains unchanged.


The letter and presentations contain claims of grave wrongdoing by agencies of state. Most charges have direct and indirect connection to agencies subordinate to the authority of your office.


The issues relate in part to attempts on my life and with lives lost elsewhere. My reference is to events that took place during the Troubles or arose consequent of them and are not properly reflected on public record.


I ask that you will, without fear or favour, do your duty and rectify that deficiency. Only then can justice begin to be done and be seen to be done.


A copy of this letter will be dispatched as a matter of courtesy to the office of the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland.



(Yours sincerely)



Mr. Brian Lenihan TD.

Minister for Justice,

94 Saint Stephen’s Green,

Dublin 2.



Seán Kelly.

474 Galtymore Road,


Dublin 12.

Wednesday 11 July 2007

(mirrored at)


(Dear Mrs. O’Loan)


A few years ago I forwarded to you a compact disc of web site two above. The material was given for information only purposes as my case does not come within the scope of your remit


[Original web sites discontinued and replaced by above.]


The website has since been expanded and updated, in particular to do with the Gibraltar IRA operation of 1987-1988. This may have a tangential relevance to work underway in your office at this time. The update has understanding not on record in the public arena.


Further understanding is witheld.


Two copies of the following listed enclosures are contained in this dispatch. One is subscribed for in-house information only purposes. It is my hope that you will personally retain the second set for possible future reference.


Stapled to this letter is a leaflet entitled Michael McDowell TD, containing above two web addresses. Over six thousand of these leaflets were distributed by me in Mr. McDowell’s Dublin South East constituency during the recent general election.


The enclosed presentation of A4 pages replicates correspondence in web site one above, between myself and then Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell TD.


Web site two above (or enclosed cd) is comprised of three documents: State Murder 1, State Murder 2, State Murder 3. They underscore the nature and extent of cooperation between fraternal intelligence agencies in these islands and beyond.


Additionally, they highlight serious wrongdoing.


The cd was burned on my non Internet connected computer and can be used with confidence.


Paragraph two in the McDowell leaflet refers to a “political system that allows agencies of state acting under assumed privilege to tolerate ‘acts of murder’ and not be held to account.”


In the second web site (or compact disc), in documents State Murder 1 and State Murder 3, you will find proofs to support these claims. I allude to compromised IRA operations allowed to proceed in acceptance of the potential consequences.


In web site 1 (or A4 pages) is a 27.11.06 letter to the then Minister of Justice, Michael McDowell TD. Paragraph six reads: “The horrendous implications of that disclosed will not be lost on you.”


The implications are those of state agencies blind-eyeing arms smuggling from Libya.


I have been aware of what I am about to say for years independent of anything in my web sites and correspondence to Mr. McDowell.


In the interests of intelligence gathering IRA arms importations from Libya were knowingly allowed to land on Irish territory.


Indubitably it was at the behest and for the benefit of United States and British agencies who will have valued feet inside the Gadaffi tent above the lives of innocents.


Weapons used in the murder of Det Garda Jerry McCabe and the wounding of his colleague Det Garda Ben O’Sullivan in the 1996 Ardare shooting likely came from a compromised Libyan consignment.


You might be persuaded of the worth of the aforementioned claims after a reading of the web sites.



In above there is reference to work being done by your office to which the enclosed Gibraltar – An Update document might have a tangential relevance. I refer to investigations into the Scappaticci-Stakeknife allegations.


When in May 2003 the Scappaticci name was conjoined to the codeword Stakeknife, the man was widely credited with having compromised the Gibraltar IRA operation.


That is not a claim I ever attached credence to.


I offer some opinions.


The genesis of the Stakeknife saga dates from the late 1990s. The story evolved through security source leaks to the media on a drip-drip basis over succeeding years, rising to a crescendo in May 2003 with the claim that alleged IRA spy codenamed Stakeknife was Freddie Scappaticci.


The floodgates opened and secret state spinmakers were on hand to feed the media frenzy. Rent-a-quote from anonymous sources with a vengeance.


The big bang bullshit method of dissembling. A stock tool of the intelligence trade with many historic variants and precedents.


You will be familiar with the modus operandi of intelligence agencies, in particular the Security Service. In acting out the notion of non existence they almost always operate at a remove - by manipulation. By such means they can plausibly deny.


For MI5, army intelligence – instance Force Research Unit, was one such remove.


Was Brian Nelson an agent of FRU (MI5 at a remove)? Yes. Was Mr. Scappaticci an agent of FRU? Not in my estimation.


If that heaped on Mr. Scappaticci as an alleged IRA informer by ex-FRU and other sources is true, I will eat my steel toe capped boots – uncooked.


If you are undertaking investigation into the Stakeknife/Scappaticci claims, knowing you are concerned with fair play and due process, before passing judgement in these matters should you not also cast a critical eye over the whistleblowers (Ingram and Co) who made possible the meat and bones of this story, doing so through the facilitation of a hidden hand?


In that respect, you might enquire of the Minister for Justice in this jurisdiction what activities Martin Ingram, to use his pseudonym, was involved in when here, apart from making possible publication of the Stakeknife book.


You might also ask what names he used while in the Republic and where is he now.


And while on that, ask the Minister for Justice what part Irish agencies played in the facilitation and propagation of the Stakeknife/Scappaticci story and on whose behalf it was done.


Mr. Ingram’s co-authored book is in my estimation a work of faction. I’m saying bogus connections have been made to actual events.


You might also seek out and secure taped copies of the many radio interviews given by Martin Ingram and ask, from first interview to last, if they are all by the same person.


One constant, it seemed, was a Yorkshire accent. While variations in the accent over different broadcasts may have been caused by intentional electronic voice distortion, a question worth asking is: was this so?


On hearing the broadcasts, one could be forgiven for thinking there was a variation in the intellectual performance of the speaker (Martin Ingram). Most (or all?) of the interviews were conducted by telephone. I believe some from outside the country. All with the same man?


From the August 1999 Sunday Times exposition on Stakeknife to the May 2003 Scappaticci disclosure to publishing the Stakeknife book in 2004, they managed to iron out some of the presentational incongruities.


Like the one on the UFF gunmen knowing Stakeknife’s identity by being persuaded to kill Francisco Notorantonio in lieu of Freddie Scappaticci.


Another had Scappaticci’s alleged informer money gathering interest in a building society account (easy to check out if in the UK).


The book has his alleged wages of sin accruing gold dust in a Gibraltar offshore account (difficult to check out).


In August 1999 the tale was that whistleblower Ingram “approached the Sunday Times because of his anger at what he believed were misleading television reports on FRU activity in the wake of the Brian Nelson case.” The disgruntled former operative formula.


In the Stakeknife book the crook is dressed up as an angel beholden to virtuous concern for justice and doing the right thing.


Other variations in theme had to do with security source leaks on SAS ambushes of the IRA in Gibraltar and Loughgall. In, in May 2003.


Not in the book (2004).


And in the early batting session “Yorkshire Lad” was said to be from the English midlands. In 1999 reporting he ran a “successful business in central Europe”. (Is that so?)


And more.


It is reported that Neil Mackay, the Sunday Herald, Glasgow, and Greg Harkin, the Sunday People, the two journalists and newspapers most involved with the story at the time but prevented by gagging orders from naming, were told by MoD that they could publish without legal risk if the identity behind the Stakeknife codeword appeared elsewhere in public.


Enter a Dublin newspaper onto the scene (04.05.03) acting as a half way house for the impending disclosure.


When six days on Scappaticci was named as Stakeknife on the Internet, notwithstanding claim and counter claim, an MoD source was obligingly on hand to confirm that man and codename were one and same person.


It was the starting signal for lift off. An explosion of revelations appeared in the following day’s newspapers.


By such means was the supposed “jewel in the crown” of British spies in the IRA exposed.


Further evidence of official manipulation is available.


Weeks before claims that Stakeknife/Scappaticci were one undivided entity had entered the public arena (Saturday 10.05.03), journalists north and south of the Irish border were primed with background detail in preparation for the event.


That this exposure was coordinated between London, Dublin and Belfast is not open to question.


Also not open to question is that there was a strategic intention behind disclosure.


That the unseen hand pulling the strings could only be the manipulators extraordinaire (MI5) is like not open to question.


What is perhaps open to question is the reason why MI5 (with help from Dublin) should wish to trail a false scent. That is the question.


One of the questions your office should be chasing?


Re. the inference that gagging orders (D-Notice/OSA; or other) were improperly brought into play, with threats of legal action if breached.


The abuse of these instruments is not unique to the Stakeknife-Scappaticci case.


Proscriptions applied to me were apparently observed. They were real. No enablement of others to circumvent. No gamesmanship.


No media facilitation of radio or press to publicise. No human rights agency concerned to adopt. No facilitated Internet disclosure (my web site cannot be accessed through an Internet search engine). No politico to champion my cause. Nowt.


And had you noticed, there has been no use of the “mad defence” against the day job men – the recalcitrant agents. No character assassination. No accidents: near or actual. No veiled threats or intimidation. Bogus legal games, yes. Oh that I were so privileged.


Therein are some of the differences between a whistleblower and a whistleblower.


To conclude, I add. I am not blind eyeing Mr. Scappaticci’s widely alleged wrongdoing. My letter is an argument for due process, something he is entitled to, even if true he had no care to give it to others.


In that regard he and MI5 may have more in common than they would wish to admit.


(Yours sincerely)



Mrs. Nuala O’Loan.

Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland,

New Cathedral buildings,

St. Anne’s Square,

11 Church Street,

Belfast BT1 1PG.




[Ref. this sentence four paragraphs above: “My web site cannot be accessed through a search engine”. It was desultorily so in years before 2007 and maybe almost always so thereafter to at least spring 2012. On Thursday 9 February 2012, I reported to the Sundrive Road Garda station in Dublin that my non-Internet connected computer was subject to external intrusion. I expressed the confident belief that the source of this abuse was the national intelligence agency in the illegal pursuit of data. Additional to making issue on that point, I provided a copy of my web address, saying it was not amenable to a search engine. While the local Garda barracks said they couldn’t do anything for me, the web address and complaint were forwarded to the computer crime section of the Garda Siochana in Harcourt Square, Dublin.


No return was forthcoming from that office.


In early July 2012, it was brought to my attention the web site was again amenable to trawl by search engine – this after years of denied access. Could there be a correlation between the Garda complaint and the correction? I add, reference is directed to my State Murder series web site and not this Stakeknife compilation, which, though completed for some time, has, with the exception of the release of one compact disc, only been issued in limited numbers as hard copy. It remains on my computer as an archive document. In time it may be put aloft on the Internet.


The State Murder series web address is A reading will inform why the state prefers the “sovereign” people should not know about it.]


[Tuesday 31 July, 2012: Checked to see if my web site was still accessible to a search engine, using specific target words.


Nothing came up.


What god gives, god takes away, it doth seem. He has a disconcerting habit of never informing the concerned party of intending actions.


External intrusions into my non-Internet connected computer continues.


Any help given to propagate the web address and the story it tells, or to make it amenable to search engines, incorporating an extended list of target words, including my name, will be appreciated.


Thank you.]



Reply from Mrs. Nuala O’Loan, dated 17 July 2007.

May 2007 election leaflet directed at Michael McDowell, TD.

Registered post certificate, dated 30 July 2007.

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