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As said in the list of contents: “6) The next document is entitled ’Martin Ingram – Q’s’. It contains three pages of observations and caveats with possible relationship to previous item.”


Emphasis, where used, is mine.






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Martin Ingram






When did Ingram take up residence in the R. of I.?


Where did Ingram live in the R. of I.?


Where was Ingram’s last residence in the R. of I.?


What month/year did Ingram cease residence in the R. of I.?





Some Agent Code Numbers Known to Ingram:


Brian Nelson: Agent 6137.


Willie Carlin: Agent 3007.


Frank Hegarty: Agent 3018.


Freddie Scappaticci: Agent (Zilch)




Freddie Scappaticci Forenames Initially Used:


“Alfredo”; “Freddy”; “Frederick”; Fred. If Ingram was familiar with Freddie Scappaticci, having read his computer profile, his alleged files, and having had discussions with reputed handlers, why the initial incorrect use of the man’s forename?




Stakeknife Codename:


In the initial use of Scappaticci’s alleged codename, it was spelt “Steak Knife”. Why the failure to use the correct title from the outset when this should have been known to Mr. Ingram from his claimed reading of FRU files: files, even if they did exist, he would properly have had no professional connection or access to.




What assumed name/names did Ingram use when living in the R. of I.?


Without accepting there was a fraternal connection with the Galway based man, the latter used “Brian Metcalfe” and “Brian May” (and possibly one other). What pseudonym or pseudonyms did Ingram travel under when domiciled in the republic?




“Businessman” Ingram:


Was Ingram “employed” when resident in the R. of I. – if so, at what?


(Did he have then – or previously – an antique trade connection?)




Note: The Stakeknife book was published in 2004. An RTE radio pre-launch interview of Ingram by Cathal MacCoille took place on Tuesday morning 17.02.04. Other interviews would follow. To my memory the book went on sale from April 2004.


(Without assuming a fraternal connection with the Galway based man, the latter is said to have left the locality in early July 2004, after about four years residence.)


The Sunday Independent, 15.08.04 – (By Jerome Reilly) “Brian Metcalfe, 61, though sometimes known as Brian May and thought to be from Leeds, appeared suddenly in Galway about four years ago opening an auction house in Loughrea…  


“…[Last] year he moved to Galway city, opening auction rooms at Galway Shopping Centre.


“Dozens of friends, clients and customers, now believe they were conned by Brian Metcalfe, aka Brian May, who went missing along with his partner and son in early July…”


The Sunday Times, 08.02.04 – (By Liam Clarke) “On February 1, 2000 the draft of a memoir [Ingram] was preparing was stolen from his home in the Irish republic and turned up two weeks later with the MoD who used it in a court case against him.”


Note: Had Mr. Metcalfe lived elsewhere in the republic of Ireland before taking up residence in County Galway, as indicated in above Sunday Independent report?


The comparison between the Metcalfe and Ingram positions in the republic is for making assessment. In accepting that they are different entities, the pursuit of wanting to know more is to determine if there are other connections.




As said in the list of contents: “6) A one page presentation entitled ‘Ingram/Metcalfe – Had you noticed?’ A juxtaposition with the two previous items.”


Ingram/Metcalfe – Had you Noticed?



Both believed to have taken up residence in the RoI at around the same time. (Coincidental to the birth of Stakeknife.)


Both believed to have exited from the RoI at around the same time. (Coincidental to the post Stakeknife book release.)


Both are understood to be ex-British army.


Both are from England.


Both are believed to be from Yorkshire.


Both are believed to have Leeds connections.


Both had a cross border familiarity.


Both used pseudonyms.


Both are practiced con-merchants/scam artists.




While postulating that the above may be a coincidence of tram tracks, a question worth asking is: is it so? Another question posed a short while earlier deserves repeating. In all the CVs of Ingram, there is the conspicuous absence of what he was doing and where he was based between his army discharge in 1991 and the birth of Stakeknife via the good offices of The Sunday Times in August 1999.


Was he working undercover abroad? Were Messrs Ingram and Metcalfe co-fraternal in the Republic of Ireland and elsewhere? And previously as members of the British army?


Some years ago there was a suggestion that Martin Ingram was Frank Hegarty’s handler who used the cover name “Brian”. It can’t be so. Ingram was only stationed at Ebrington barracks from 1982 to 1984. His given job description was “collator”.


He would say he worked as a “co-handler” to Frank Hegarty. While the term may not be a valid job description it could have had an on the ground utility status in that at times he accompanied “Brian” and other handlers when meeting agents.


I find no fault with that possibility.


But he can’t be Brian.  He wasn’t qualified, for starters, and he was too young at the time to have had a historic connection with Hegarty. Besides, from late year 1984 to end November 1987, Ingram was based outside of Northern Ireland.


Frank Hegarty exited from Derry at the behest of MI5 working with his handler and others who wished to attach him to the uncovering of three compromised arms caches over the border in the republic in January 1986.


On the other hand Brian Metcalfe was old enough. Did he have a fraternal military connection with Ingram? Could he be the handler named “Brian”? He was at ease with the name: it was his choice of forename to two known pseudonyms, May and Metcalfe.


The determination whether this is so, or no, is down to others. Could Metcalfe be “Brian”?


Was he and Ingram fraternally and/or otherwise connected?







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